Mini Stars

1 day of week soccer training for boys and girls birth year 2017, 2018 and 2019

We are thrilled to introduce our very own youth program to Claremont and the surrounding community. Our mission is to introduce the beautiful game of soccer to kids.  We aim to introduce and develop skills within these young athletes, and provide a stress free environment where they can explore the sport without the pressures of parents, coaches and referees.  We want them to have fun AND learn.  We are able to bring this amazing program at NO COST with the help of our amazing sponsors, Bert and Rocky's Ice Cream Shop and Claremont Village Eatery in Claremont.

Our next season of Mini Stars will begin just after the new year.  Register now for our January 2024 Mini Stars!

Director of Youth Development


Brandon Frank, father of 3 Claremont Star soccer players had a vision to bring soccer to all the kids of Claremont.  He wanted to share his 30 + years of soccer experience and expertise with the local community. We are grateful for his vision and his efforts to widen the interest of youth soccer in America!