Claremont Star Winter Icebreaker

Welcome to the Winter Icebreaker

January 8th and 9th 2022

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El Roble Intermediate School

Entrance for 11 v 11 is on Mountain Ave.

665 N. Mountain Ave. Claremont, CA 91711

Entrance for 7 v7 and 9 v 9 on Harrison Ave.

874 Harrison Ave. Claremont, CA 91711

The Claremont Stars are thrilled to welcome you to our beautiful city of Claremont.  Our mission of organizing a last minute “round robin” style tournament is to play some good, quality soccer after the holiday dark time.  We are excited to host, and appreciate you being patient with this process as we planned this event in only a few days.  In order for this weekend to run smoothly, we have some items of importance..


    1. Registration- Every manager’s favorite part of a tournament, right? Since our mission is to JUST PLAY, we want to make this part easy, but also semi-organized.  If you could bring with you 2-3 copies of your team’s roster or fill out the Downloadable version on the site..  If you have loan players, include them on the roster as well. Player cards or proof of age for each player is needed.  Upon arrival, you will quickly check in, we will tell you where to go, and you’ll be all set.
  • Food, Drinks Etc. We will not be hosting any kind of snack bar.  The school does have a water filling station that is filtered, but we highly suggest that you bring food, snacks and drinks to hold you over. If you find yourself with enough time in between games, The Claremont Village is .25 miles away and there is an abundance of food and drink options there.  I highly recommend you grab a bite after your games. Claremont’s downtown is made up of local, small businesses, restaurants and shops.
  • Jerseys- Claremont Stars will be wearing our BLACK Jerseys on Saturday and our RED Jerseys on Sunday.  So please look at the schedule and dress accordingly.  If you are not playing a Stars team,  the home team will accommodate the visiting team.
  • Transitions- To ensure all the games run on-time, we are PROVIDING VISITING TEAM CANOPYS.  Bring your own bench.  We also encourage spectators to scooch aside promptly after a game concludes.  To make room for the incoming.
  • Important Game Time Reminders- We will adopt the SOCAL League stance of ZERO tolerance for any riff raff.  No disrespect whatsoever to the referees, to the opposing team, to coaches or especially the lovely volunteers at the registrars table.  We are hoping the weekend will be magical and that everyone behaves as if we are all here to JUST PLAY some soccer. The referee reserves the right to end a game at any point if he/she feels the game is getting out of hand.  So please, be on your best behavior.  If you need to cool off OR calm down, I highly recommend Bert and Rocky’s Ice Cream in downtown Claremont.  Tell them you’re with the Claremont Stars Soccer tournament and they will hook you up. 
  • Parking- There are a couple parking lots to choose from around the school.  You may park in any marked parking space.  If you park on a residential street.  Please DO NOT block any driveways.  DO NOT leave any trash outside your car and PLEASE respect the houses in the neighborhood.  It’s not a huge soccer complex, so give yourself some extra time to find the park, and secure parking.
  • Outcomes- Because of the last minute nature of this event, and the cancellations in the wee hours of bracketing, we opted to NOT track scores and wins and losses.  Therefore there will be no prizes.  We hope this detail isn’t too disappointing for your team.  JUST PLAY is our main focus and we hope you will all join us in keeping that focus.  However, if you won all your games, you should absolutely treat yourself to the best ACAI BOWL around in the Downtown Village called Pepo Melo.  Tell them Claremont Stars sent you and they will take great care of you. If you didn’t do so well, that’s ok too. 21 Choices Frozen Yogurt is an excellent stop to cheer up any sad soccer player.  

If you should need anything at all, please ask someone wearing Claremont Stars gear.  Mostly everyone is really nice. Double check your game times and let us know if you should have any issues at all.


Thank you and enjoy the games!

Claremont Stars Soccer Club

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